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Bathroom/Lavatory/Powder Room/Restroom/Wash Room Equipment
The number of bathtub, bidet, cabinet, Jacuzzi/whirlpool, shower, sink, toilet ('water closet'), urinal, and vanity design considerations (built-in, color, free-standing, material, price, size, etc.) is immense; added to that the various styles of necessary accessories and fixtures (bars, hooks, rings, and rods; baby-changing stations; baskets, caddies, and holders; carpets and mats; dispensers; dryers; fans; faucets; handles; heaters; lighting; mirrors; receptacles; shelves; etc.) and possible specifications (building, green, handicap, military, nursing home, rest home, etc.), this becomes a broad category.
To fully stock a bathroom, consider customer needs by supplying air fresheners, cleaners, dryers, paper towels, personal healthcare items, soap, toilet seat covers, toilet tissue, towels, etc.