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Beer Brewing Equipment

A beer-making kit or individual beer-brewing items may be purchased.  The beer is brewed in a brew kettle; wort chillers quickly cool the sugar wort; a sparge bag is used in the brew kettle to steep the hops or specialty grains; a hydrometer is used to determine sugar-to-alcohol conversion; a funnel is used to move beer from kettle to carboy; a glass carboy serves as fermenter; carboy stoppers with air locks close the carboy; after fermenting, beer is transferred with a racking cane, a bent hard-plastic tubing outfitted with a special cap, allowing little sediment to escape; a bottling bucket, or priming vessel, has a bottom spigot; beer flows into beer bottles using a hard-plastic bottling tube with a spring-loaded flow tip; a one- or two-hand bottle capper is used to crimp oxygen-absorbing lining bottle caps onto 12- or 22-ounce returnable-grade beer bottles; a draft beer system (kegerator) may be used for maintaining carbonation and dispensing.  Thorough cleanup is accomplished with carboy brushes and faucet-attached bottle washers.