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Northern Lights Food

6275 Military Road
Lena Wisconsin
Contact Person: Aaron
Phone: 1-866-689-4966
We package and label bulk foods similar to what you would find in Amish and Mennonite Bulk Food stores. We have some very unique candies, snacks, Jams {like a Jalapeno Pepper Jelly- our top seller!} and pickled products-like beets, Old Fashioned Dill Pickles, Southern Chow Chow, and more. We have over 1200 products. We can custom label or you can purchase products with our label- pre-priced {33%MU}, ready to shelve. Our top selling Candy - Twelve Flavor Gummi Bears and Gummi Bear Cubs! Our top selling snack?- Dried Vegetable Chips { actual veggie chips!} and Dried Green Bean Chips { actual green beans}! Call for more information.
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