Think Mediterranean

Street: Calle Aldea del Fresno, 10
City: Villamanta
State: Madrid
Postcode: 28610
Direct Number: 34918124636
Company Info: Our passion to Mediterranean, integration of tradition and know-how, excellent quality of raw materials, and control of every elaboration process are one of the main pillars of our company activity. Dried Fruit Cakes are traditional Spanish products handcrafted according to the original recipes, with different blend of the most selected Mediterranean dried fruits. We offer seven delightful flavors: Fig & Almond, Date & Walnut, Orange & Almond, and all of these with Chocolate, and Apricot & Almond Cakes of different forms and weights. Our fruit cakes are favorite cheese companions, a tasty snacking alternative, natural and cholesterol free, an energy food for athletes, or a gourmet product for a special occasion. We invite you to visit our web page where you can find more details. We hope you find this information interesting and we will be happy to give you any further information and price list you may require.
Located in: Gourmet Foods
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