Street: Via N.B. Grimaldi 104
City: Nocera Inferiore
State: Salerno
Postcode: 84014
Direct Number: +39 081 5170255
Company Info: GeCom Export company has been working in the food sales and marketing for many years and is ready to offer a wide range of canned tomato and vegetables products under its brands as well as under private labels. We offer our best quality at the very best price!!!
Street: 649 West South St
City: Kennett Square
State: Pennsylvania
Postcode: 19348
Direct Number: 610-563-5095
Company Info: ----Product Line----- Mushrooms-All Kinds Garlic Shallots Ginger Sun-Dried Tomatoes Asparagus Kiwi ------Products & Services------ Food Service Products IQF Frozen Products International Produce Industrial-Ingredient Cold Storage Logistics ----Facilities--- Kennett Square, PA Houston , TX Dallas, TX Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA Louisville, KY Charlotte, NC --Adrienne Senior---- Sales Consultant Kaolin Mushroom Farms Inc. South Mill Mushroom Sales 649 West South Street Kennett Square, PA 19348 (610) 444-4800 x 263 (office) (610) 563-5095 (mobile)
Street: PO Box 10
City: Elkton
State: Florida
Postcode: 32033
Direct Number: 904-692-2027
Company Info: Jen-Sar Produce, Inc is a year around potato and onion repacker in the North FL area. Let us help you with your product needs.
Street: 185 Devonshire St #201
City: Boston
State: MA
Postcode: 02110
Direct Number: 617-482-3826, ex. 232
Company Info: Royal Food Import Corporation headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts is a food import and export specialist. Royal Food specialists have decades of experience in the global food marketplace, with expertise in the specific items you and - more importantly - your customers depend on. Low overhead, strong supplier relationships, and an efficient import-management system allow Royal Food to pass the market's most competitive pricing on to the customer.