Street: CALLE 4TA
Postcode: 22760
Direct Number: (619) 6644353
Company Info: We specialize in processing canned shellfish products directly from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Seafood such as Abalone, Limpets, Topshell, Squid, Pacific Clams, Locos, Fish Meal, Yellow Croaker, and many other types of Fish are packed under private labels: Cedmex, Lucky Superior, Calmarine, Princes and Precious Brand which we distribute worldwide. Regarding the trading business, we handle a great variety of products; from canned fruits and vegetables, candy, electronics, toys, silverware, decorations, furniture, bicycles, etc.l ways maintaining excellent quality and better prices our top priority.
City: San Jose
State: CA
Direct Number: (510) 477-0008
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Direct Number:
Street: Salem
State: NH
Direct Number: (888) 856-2463